A discovery

September 18, 2009 at 11:40 pm (Message in a bottle)

Summer is over and school has started.  Again I start picking up my son from school and listen to his little stories. 🙂

Two days back…

DS: Mom I made a discovery

Me: aha! That is awesome, what is it

DS: Mom, I am a scientist (because I discovered something….his interpretation of. in past, what we told him ‘what a scientist is’)

ME: true, since you discovered something you ARE a scientist. So what is your discovery?

 DS: you know mom, binocular bag has a zipper…( in his class they observer ‘nature’ and the bag they keep the binocular in has one more pocket with zipper, that is what he meant)

ME: how fantastic

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE: Dream big, find joy in every little thing!

Have great week-end, friends!


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A fight

August 3, 2009 at 6:02 pm (Message in a bottle)

So my DS – 4.5 years old had a ‘fight’ with a girl in his class….

I generally pick him up and way to start our conversation is..”o honey! i missed you, I had a nice day though, I had a couple of meetings, some programming…..” I end with “So how was your day?” Answers to this question reflects lots of things as to what goes in his school life. It leads to more questions from me.

This time he said “not good”

I asked: “Why?, what happened? ”

DS: “mom, you always say no name-calling, name-calling is bad….Mia (making up name) did the same to me.”

Me: “o really, what did she say?”

DS: “she told me, ‘bad-man’!”

Me: “hmmm…what did you say?”

DS: “That is not true. I am not bad and I am not even a MAN” (implies: I am a boy!)

Me: “well done, u replied well…so it was was bad thing she did name-calling. But good thing is that u answerd her back politely. That means you had a good day!”

DS: “o mom, that is true!” and a smile comes on his face

So, just got me thinking….how our definition of ‘bad-day’ and level of worries change with our age….just wish we can go back to those golden days!

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