Not writing much here. I will let my blogs define my personality.

In brief, I am a working woman from India as says the the title of the blog. I live in US and I am here to organize my thoughts in words, share them and get some sharing back from other readers



  1. panchalkc said,

    Keep writing!

    I hope you’re not the long-lost sister of Indian Homemaker she never wanted to know up about. 😉

    Take care.

    • indianworkingwoman said,

      …;) not the long-lost sister….may be soul-sister…. (thinking alike….that is what i mean)

      Will try to keep writing whenever i can steal time from all ‘have to-do’ stuff

  2. Indian Homemaker said,

    Came here to ask where you were…. and am smiling after reading this conversation 🙂 Yes we are soul sisters no doubt. 🙂

    Hope you find the time to keep updating your blog on and off 🙂

    • indianworkingwoman said,

      Thanks for visiting…:) i really really want to write but just not getting around it. two reasons, crunch of time and lack of write words to describe my thoughts. My subject which i m struggling with is ‘friendship’ or ‘relationship’ as  I have seen it here where I live. I hope i can manage to arrnage the words to get across my thoughts and feelings then I will manage to squeeze into my schedule somehow


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