Earth needs me and I need earth – though a day late

October 16, 2009 at 9:00 pm (Uncategorized)

Earth needs me and I need earth
(Nursery rhyme’s lines from my son’s school)

We all have heard about ‘going green’. How to do it? We all can’t plan out to have ‘zero’ trash or live without electricity for months. Here are the simplest things you can do which would impact earth bigger and for better. When a common person can not go ‘totally green’ without extra time, efforts and money, here are some steps anybody can follow.

1. Switch off lights when not needed, not only you help earth and its environment but also you are saving good money
Did you know?: A 15-Watt Compact Fluorescent Light gives the same light as a 60-Watt incandescent using a quarter of the energy.
2. Use water wisely, save energy. Water is abundance on earth but to get the quality we need to get to us, it does consume lots of energy, and impact earth in the process
Did you know?: Resources are consumed not only to get water in usable state but also in removal and cleaning of waste water too
3. When not in use, unplug appliances, it saves electricity
Did you Know?:
4. Drive smartly can be done in so many ways. For example no sudden start/stop, regular maintenance of vehicle can save lots of gas
Did you know?: It takes 20% to 30% more gas to drive at 70 mph than 50 mph.
5. Choose your food wisely to reduce your carbon footprint
Did you know?:

6. Recycle smartly, understand symbols and follow
Did you know?:

7. Say no to plastic bags, disposable silverware. Use reusable items instead.
Did you know?: Earth is running out of landfill space. About 380 billion plastic bag or other such items are used every year
8. Buy energy efficient appliances
Did you know?:One can get tax-break by buying energy efficient appliances
9. Plant trees as many as possible
Did you know?:

10. Follow above mentioned steps, make a habit. Pass on the word. Follow R/R/R: Recycle/Reuse/Reduce
Did you know?: If we follow this, our children will thank us.



  1. Vimmuuu said,

    sooo many links ! thanks for all of them !! 😀

    • indianworkingwoman said,

      it is so hard to live green, really, I have tried….so i came up with some rule of thumb for my self and family. These are easy to follow. Do not take up too much time in hectic life style, follow it and spread the word for a good cause…. 🙂

  2. Suji! said,

    Good points! Looks like a good amount have research has gone into this 🙂

    First time here… so Hi! 🙂

    • indianworkingwoman said,

      Hi Suji,

      Welcome to my blog!

      Yes, i see lot more awareness about ‘green’ in US than i have seen in india. Even preschoolers learn about it!

  3. Smitha said,

    You have mentioned so many sensible, doable tips.. We do try and follow most of these. If all of us do follow such small but important steps – it will surely make a difference..

    • indianworkingwoman said,

      Thanks Smitha! And I am glad you are following them too….would love know if you have more tips…

  4. Lakshmi said,

    Good points here. Never late to follow these.

    • indianworkingwoman said,

      true, thank you!

  5. renu said,

    Good post! I try to follow everything I can to save our planet… more thing is I never buy pads to make lists and all, I lawys use backside of used papers, put them with a paper clip.

    • indianworkingwoman said,

      great tip! welcome to my blog. sorry for delay, i was away for a while.

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