October 1, 2009 at 4:26 pm (Bollywood Unlimited)

…on Oprah, what’s so big deal? Well, they never appeared together for interviewed after marriage, first off-movie kiss on Oprah, they have billions of fans and Aish comes in Saree, so it IS a big deal. Totally enchanting interview, I enjoyed it and I hope you would too.

What I liked

 1) Aish was dressed in Saree (she was presenting our country and she made the right choice by wearing saree. If she went to Oscar and dressed for occasion – in western clothes, I can understand. Even if she was wearing non-indian dress in India for one of events, I can still understand because one may have preference of style or feel comfortable in or just wants to dress up differently, any reason. At Oprah, she was there as Indian Big B town star and saree was the most appropriate dressing….way to go Aish

2) I like the way Abhi answered questions, very funny…especially “living with parents? How does that work?” and “come out to Chicago on Oprah”

3) Oprah’s style of interacting and presence of mind…especially “look in the mirror and say ‘Damn!…’….” after Aish answers that question.

4) Over all interview, very entertaining

What I did not like

1) I am glad she wore saree but Aish’s saree, it was nice saree, but looked so dull from far away, perfect for party where you will be with people in close proximity where people can admire that little work, that little red strip, matching red earrings. In place like Oprah show, it needs something bold, that people can see from far away

 2) Why the heck Abhi was dress how he was dressed….? No kurta for him? What’s up with hairstyle and little bit of beard (though it is his style) he looked like he just came out of bed.

3) Answers were really good, enjoyed the interview but it seemed rehearsed/prepared at many times

 4) Aish trying to speak with American accent… felt so fake, so did her laugh at times, and fake ‘O my god’ when people were being beaten up outside their marriage location, fake ‘we did not know’, yeah I bet they did not know then but must have seen afterwards….anyways…

5) Also, for some reason I felt Aish was letting Abhi lead it to answer, not sure why. Is Abhi very dominating or may be he is better at handling media than Aish is, or just Aish is letting all attention drive towards him so that he also feels his importance instead of just seeing Aish’s praise all around. You know what I mean, may be Aish was just avoiding ‘Abhiman’ to happen all over again….Also when a person from China who does tele-conf. is taking about Aish only w.r.t. her movie and asking her to come to China, Aish answers back in plural….’we…’. What’s up with that?

Yet really enchanting interview if you are Aish-shek fan! So without further ado….here are the video links, enjoy





  1. Indian Homemaker said,

    I am not an ardent fan of Aishwarya Rai, though I like Abhishek Bachchan 🙂 But I rememebr this conversation with a young maid, where she was upset because her father had married another woman, and she said her mother was left alone at this old age to take care of five daughters and one son. I asked her how old her mother was, she said she was 35. I told her if her mother had been a married a little later, she would not have felt so old,

    35 is a beautiful age for a woman, many women have their first baby at this age, nearly all feel these are great years etc… (I didn’t say all this to her)…

    Well she said, ” Yes didi, 35 is not old, Aishwariiya Raye got married at 33.” She is a good role model for Indian women, she waked out of a bad relationship, chose not to marry just any guy who came her way and married a man she considers a friend, didn’t give up her career after getting married, …so I feel she is a great role model for Indian women, and won’t mind much even if she doesn’t wear a sari in such shows 🙂 (Though a sari does sound so right here) 🙂

    Just my two cents 🙂

    • indianworkingwoman said,

      I used to be, not anymore, i find something repelling now when i see her off-screen (i mean not in movie) But I am amazed the maid’s modern brain….broad thinking, so bad though that if a ‘thinker’ had said something like this would have made the headlines….I am proud that in India, maid may not be educated but has well developed – broad minded thinking

    • indianworkingwoman said,

      i agree it would have been ok if she was not wearing sari, but we need to make our – indian identity- to be known to the world, and sari (dressing accoridng to our culture) would be one of the steps besides many other things we can do,

      you can always disagree 🙂

  2. Lakshmi said,

    Loved this post! You know, I also go the same feeling that Abhi was doing most of the talk, where as she is the reason why there ended up in Oprah! I bet there has been some pact between them to let him do that 🙂

    • indianworkingwoman said,

      i agree, on both the counts, he was there due to Aish, and there must be some kind of pact between them….. 🙂
      for some reason I have a feelign Jaya is doign all the ruling 😉

  3. Vimmuuu said,

    I always hated Aishwarya ! and I also hated Bachchans !! Now I hate all of them like anything !!! 😀 😀 😀

    Btw, I missed these two posts and now Im blogrolling you !! Buhahahhahaha !!! 👿

    • indianworkingwoman said,

      so they say -ve, -ve means +ve, shouldn’t ur hatred turn into love 😉

      thanks for blogrolling me…. (i know halloween is around the corner.. .)

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