Sliver lining to big-black ‘o-o’ cloud!

October 26, 2009 at 9:57 pm (Uncategorized)

My son turned 5! It was weekend. It was great to have party the same day! Otherwise, it is generally on the following weekend.

All was set, invites were designed by me and my husband. We had decided that for first 5 years, we would have unique(unique means that we will be the first to do it over there in our friend circle) place for party every year and using paper invite instead of e-vite and me writing a small poem for the invite instead of plain words. It was a challenge to find the ‘unique’ place which is appropriate for his age and for our pocketJ My DH did it though this time. We had all the RSVPs, all goody bags bought and packed, cake ordered with bowling design as that is where we were going! All memory cards of the camera emptied to fill again! We were happy this time that my son has not fallen sick, since that happens every year that around his birthday he is bound to be sick. L Many of his friends were ready to be in their Halloween costume as we requested since Halloween is around the corner.


And finally the day arrived, we were on our way to pick up stuff before we go to bowling alley. And a couple of called were received mentioned that DS’s friend can’t make it because they fell sick. My husband answered the phone saying ‘o! o!’. My DS asks me “so mom how come we are getting all the ‘o-o’ calls?” and I agree, I was not getting a good feeling about the party. We stopped for balloon pick up and again ‘o-o’ somebody else was given our pre-ordered balloons by mistake, store prepared new balloons for us and threw in some for free to compensate for their mistake. And we are riding along again, fearing one more ‘o-o’. Now it was time to pick up the cake….and I went through all the cakes in the pick-up closet. I could not find cake with our name. My heart was throbbing fast. Cake can’t be ready again like balloons! And finally, got some help, by mistake they had put my cake in wrong direction that name was facing the wall, and the front was covered with other cakes. All the cakes were placed correctly, just ours was not. Phew! At-least cake is found got in the car, my DH was in hurry as we were now running late after these two incidents. I sat in and he placed the cake in my lap, before I get adjusted and get the cake in the right position, he closed the card door, and cake box was pushed, luckily, my reaction saved the cake. Plastic on the top was touching now the cake decoration as one corner of the box was pushed due to car door. I had to hold the plastic till we reached. We reached 15 mins late, guest started coming. We planned to reach at 2.15 as game starts at 3pm and asked friends to come 2.30 to allow time for kids to get their bowling shoes and all. We ourselves reached at 2.30 instead just to find out party room which was supposed to use for cake cutting and pizza eating after the game was not ready at all. One more ‘o-o’. My DH got all the kids to get shoes etc, and I spent time getting the room ready as guest kept coming, I spent very little time with my DS outside – in bowling alley. When I came out when room was ready, my MIL told me that my DH fell in bowling alley while trying to help my son. A big ‘O-O’. Everything went ok afterwards – kind of – many friends ended up leaving sooner as they had another party afterwards which had come after accepting our invite. So could not do group pictures etc as planned. But still there were plenty kids. My son did not eat at all while all his friends enjoyed pizza and chocolate cake. Finally we went home and my husband realized his pain in his neck, back and wrist. With the fracture he had gone through last year, we did not want to take chance. After dropping DS and in-laws at home, we went to urgent-care. Luckily doc said no fracture, All we need is pain management. Came back, it was time for DS bed as next day school start and we had his school birthday celebration scheduled for Monday. We had to get ready for it. My MIL mentioned that he did not eat well. I was worried, he did not eat well at party and not now, what is going on? He is not a good-eater but he would still eat little bit. When putting to bed, I felt he was so hot and measure his temperature – 101.8. a VERY BIG ‘O-O’. It explains not eating. Gave him Tylenol. I was with him in bed, tired, frustrated and thinking why is he sick always around his birthday….this time while I was happy he was not, it came up end of the day…and in fever also he was happy, smiling, not ready to sleep so that he can be with me for more time, wanting to talk to me. He told me, ‘Mom! You know! I really loved bowling today. It was so so so so so much fun!, when will we go again?” and there! There was that silver lining to my big black cloud of ‘o-o’s in the day! I was satisfied, I was happy that final result was still the same after all the ‘o-o’s. He was happy and enjoyed his party.


He is still sick and running fever. My MIL was rush to ER last week due to her leg issue. My FIL who never had BP issue is running high BP. My DH is still in pain with his fall. In family of 5, 4 are not doing well. I am though! And project deadline is upon me. Caffeine in-take is very high for me now. But I am getting strength from those words, “mom, I really loved bowling today…. “



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Earth needs me and I need earth – though a day late

October 16, 2009 at 9:00 pm (Uncategorized)

Earth needs me and I need earth
(Nursery rhyme’s lines from my son’s school)

We all have heard about ‘going green’. How to do it? We all can’t plan out to have ‘zero’ trash or live without electricity for months. Here are the simplest things you can do which would impact earth bigger and for better. When a common person can not go ‘totally green’ without extra time, efforts and money, here are some steps anybody can follow.

1. Switch off lights when not needed, not only you help earth and its environment but also you are saving good money
Did you know?: A 15-Watt Compact Fluorescent Light gives the same light as a 60-Watt incandescent using a quarter of the energy.
2. Use water wisely, save energy. Water is abundance on earth but to get the quality we need to get to us, it does consume lots of energy, and impact earth in the process
Did you know?: Resources are consumed not only to get water in usable state but also in removal and cleaning of waste water too
3. When not in use, unplug appliances, it saves electricity
Did you Know?:
4. Drive smartly can be done in so many ways. For example no sudden start/stop, regular maintenance of vehicle can save lots of gas
Did you know?: It takes 20% to 30% more gas to drive at 70 mph than 50 mph.
5. Choose your food wisely to reduce your carbon footprint
Did you know?:

6. Recycle smartly, understand symbols and follow
Did you know?:

7. Say no to plastic bags, disposable silverware. Use reusable items instead.
Did you know?: Earth is running out of landfill space. About 380 billion plastic bag or other such items are used every year
8. Buy energy efficient appliances
Did you know?:One can get tax-break by buying energy efficient appliances
9. Plant trees as many as possible
Did you know?:

10. Follow above mentioned steps, make a habit. Pass on the word. Follow R/R/R: Recycle/Reuse/Reduce
Did you know?: If we follow this, our children will thank us.

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Some of my favorite oldies (note, I have not listed all)

October 9, 2009 at 7:34 pm (Bollywood Unlimited)

Some of my favorite oldies (note, I have not listed all) Since Alam Ara, so many movies came and went. So many music directors, list will go on forever. Plethora of songs ( I recall ‘indrasabha’ had 108 songs in the movie). Some leave life-long impressions and some are forgotten well before the new movie gets released. A.R.Rahman is the most popular music director now a days and no doubt he makes good tunes and music. I seem to get over it over the period of time. Music today is not something I want to hear again and again. I love to go back to oldies though. For some reason it is soothing. Is it because no digital recording, no electronic instrument, no/less editing….i do not know….but today I felt like listening to oldies and following are first few popped in mind. Again, like title I repeat, this is not the complete list. Also, I am kind of limiting to happy/romantic mood.

So many songs would have been picturised in the rain. As the year number got bigger, clothes got skimpier. With full clothes on, it is the most provoking rain-song, Even when I just listen and not watch, music beats does it all.

Fast musical rhythm, slow tune….just honey to my ears. And the pair does its magic again (actors and singers 🙂 ) ….I say no more….

Never heard of such a beautiful imagination from any lyricist…not even from Javed or Gulzar. And mukesh’s voice just adds right amount of romance with little flavor of seriousness. And I do not need to talk about the picturization, do i? Simply great!

    Kahe jhoom jhoom rat yeh suhani:</ul> So Dipika Padukone says “two flower bobbing days are gone, kiss is a new trend” but there is so much more romance in seeing flowers with such romantic words than watching real lip-locking. Just listen to Lata’s sweet voice and enjoy the calming effects.

    I have no reasoning….just love it

    Voice is so full of sadness and romance. What a unique combination. And the tune variation…omg, yet the harmony through out the song. And If you have seen the movie, it concludes the movie so well. A true masterpiece!
    ‘umango me jab na tuje pa saki, dhoondthi hu tumhe me gam ki tarngo me…’ words are so meaningful

    and the list will go on, I will stop here today, will pick it up some other time with other songs. But here is my new favorite, A.R.Rahman did it again…..he brought a new concept. folk-song wordings and tune, mixed with latest hip wording in back-ground…marvelous. But to make my point again, this song is truly amazing, new heights of imaginations in wording, in tune (have not seen it yet so not sure about picturization), unique in a way old music is mixed with new trend music…..marvelous singers – madhushree- Udit. all the good stuff in there yet not soothing….like an old song would be. Why?

    PS: I could not find two songs i was hoping to add
    1) Khoobsurat Haseena…Kishore Kumar and Kumkum (i think)
    2) Jadoogar mere saiya, dil jayega bachake kahan…Sanjeev Kumar and Vaheeda rahman

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October 1, 2009 at 4:26 pm (Bollywood Unlimited)

…on Oprah, what’s so big deal? Well, they never appeared together for interviewed after marriage, first off-movie kiss on Oprah, they have billions of fans and Aish comes in Saree, so it IS a big deal. Totally enchanting interview, I enjoyed it and I hope you would too.

What I liked

 1) Aish was dressed in Saree (she was presenting our country and she made the right choice by wearing saree. If she went to Oscar and dressed for occasion – in western clothes, I can understand. Even if she was wearing non-indian dress in India for one of events, I can still understand because one may have preference of style or feel comfortable in or just wants to dress up differently, any reason. At Oprah, she was there as Indian Big B town star and saree was the most appropriate dressing….way to go Aish

2) I like the way Abhi answered questions, very funny…especially “living with parents? How does that work?” and “come out to Chicago on Oprah”

3) Oprah’s style of interacting and presence of mind…especially “look in the mirror and say ‘Damn!…’….” after Aish answers that question.

4) Over all interview, very entertaining

What I did not like

1) I am glad she wore saree but Aish’s saree, it was nice saree, but looked so dull from far away, perfect for party where you will be with people in close proximity where people can admire that little work, that little red strip, matching red earrings. In place like Oprah show, it needs something bold, that people can see from far away

 2) Why the heck Abhi was dress how he was dressed….? No kurta for him? What’s up with hairstyle and little bit of beard (though it is his style) he looked like he just came out of bed.

3) Answers were really good, enjoyed the interview but it seemed rehearsed/prepared at many times

 4) Aish trying to speak with American accent… felt so fake, so did her laugh at times, and fake ‘O my god’ when people were being beaten up outside their marriage location, fake ‘we did not know’, yeah I bet they did not know then but must have seen afterwards….anyways…

5) Also, for some reason I felt Aish was letting Abhi lead it to answer, not sure why. Is Abhi very dominating or may be he is better at handling media than Aish is, or just Aish is letting all attention drive towards him so that he also feels his importance instead of just seeing Aish’s praise all around. You know what I mean, may be Aish was just avoiding ‘Abhiman’ to happen all over again….Also when a person from China who does tele-conf. is taking about Aish only w.r.t. her movie and asking her to come to China, Aish answers back in plural….’we…’. What’s up with that?

Yet really enchanting interview if you are Aish-shek fan! So without further ado….here are the video links, enjoy



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