Aarushi Talwar and Annie Lee

September 24, 2009 at 8:27 pm (Uncategorized)

Both the ladies were murdered in their known and closed territory, Aarushi in her house and Annie in her office. Avid watcher of crime shows like I am, can tell it was open-shut case because it was done in victims’ own area. Easy to find evidences, easy to find motives and easy to drive a list of suspects and drive conclusion. While both are unfortunate incidents, Annie finds justice in few days as it happened in U.S. and Aarushi is still waiting for one even after 16 months, just because in happened in India?


Chronological info for both the cases can be found here or just search for their names on web.




When I came across news that Aarushi’s cell phone found 16 months after her murder, it was not a shocker till I read details that it was being use all this time. In this technology era, when India can make a breakthrough in findings like water on moon, why would it take to such a long time to locate a working (on and off) cell phone?


In Annie’s case, police collected over 100 forensics evidence, in Aarushi’s case, police happily allowed media to roam around in the area of crime scene. Why? Did they already know it was going to happen and wanted to lose the evidences?

From many places no fingerprint was collected? Why? Lack of diligence, lack of knowledge or lack of integrity and honesty?

Police did not see blood trail going up the terrace? (Where Talwar’s domestic helper’s body was) why? Simply negligence?

Parents used to lock Aarushi’s bedroom every night? Why? Were they suspecting something?

Some site reports Talwars were not home when it happened and some mentions they slept through the murder? What is the truth? How parents can leave a teenage daughter at alone with ‘male’ domestic helper.

Aarushi’s vaginal sample was switched? Why? Lab tech who did the testing knows Talwars is just a co-incident?


My list of ‘Why’ can just go on but it is not the point. Question is Annie’s murderer is found and Aarushi is still waiting. Example of ‘water on moon’ shows we are not behind in technology so what is taking too long?

And if the domestic helper did it, or father did it, is it a shoddy social system we have?

Police did not do due diligence in initial investigation because they were bribe or they were not trained, then is it shoddy protection/legal system we have or shoddy education system we have?

CBI is still probing the case and as some reports, CBI planting and finding evidences, again is it shoddy protection/legal system we have?

Also after finding the cell phone, update is there was a number she talked for hours, does technology do us more harm than good? Should we not allow our kids to have their freedom, their space, and exposure to technologies for mundane life?


When Annie’s murder can be found so soon why Aarushi has to wait is my only question. Main lead on CBI for this case has been change has been many time and I hope some ‘mai ka lal/lali’ would come now and get Aarushi justice in a righteous way.



  1. Vimmuuu said,

    Dont worry, when the elections come next time, Aarushi’s case would be up and running again with complete media hype ! Thats how our country works ! Pathetic and we are living with it !

    • indianworkingwoman said,

      That is even more sad, using deceased’s name to earn vote……how low one can go?

  2. Indian Homemaker said,

    Even we without any background in investigation and forensic science can say that the case required all that you have mentioned (finger prints and sealing of the premises, going through the house for clues etc) I feel murder cases should never be handled by the local police- they are such an incompetent lot … there should be a better trained force with forensic experts, cameras etc
    Our Police should do just the basic purse snatching, burglary and drunken brawls management.

    This case baffles me no end. I know a friend who knew the parents in their college days (MAMC, Delhi) and according to her Dr Talwar is a short, gentle kind of man, wife, originally from Maharashtra was not the kind of mother who would let her daughter be killed if she knew about it, (as implied by the local police).

    They were not the backward kind of people who would kill a daughter for ‘honor’,

    Have you heard of the ‘dacoits’ of ‘bawaria’ tribe in Noida area, these people enter homes and kill people in sleep by hitting on the head, eat and drink in he house… This is common, people have been found dead in their beds in the morning, (I have lived in Noida, and such cases are not unheard of in Gurgaon and Ghaziabad also,.. when we were there, this frightened me and I used to lock my kids door.) …this as never investigated by the police.

    Also how tech savvy is our police? Most of them spoke like they had evidence for the claims they made, I think they should have been made to answer for their claims.

    • indianworkingwoman said,

      very interesting, no i did not know about thoese decoits. I wonder why they did not even explore that option? Does such thing still exist in India? OMG!
      So based on your comment it seem Aarushi’s parents are less likely to do it. I was also wondering about them being suspect, it seems less likely as i had read ‘aarushi’ was ‘mannat se mangi huwi bachhi thi’ as they were having hard time to have a baby. I would be damn if they had killed daughter after what they went through to have a child

      let’s hope it finds the end

      • indianworkingwoman said,

        and yes I agree to your point that police should be left to do just mundane work and not to get involved in murder case

  3. apu said,

    The thing is, until the police is treated as a professional force that needs constant training and upgrading and not as “servants of ruling politicians”, this is what will keep happening.

    • indianworkingwoman said,

      “until the police is treated as a professional force that needs constant training and upgrading and not as “servants of ruling politicians”

      —-very true, and I think they also need salary raise to so that can avoid ‘under the table’ behavior

  4. sm said,

    good article
    just lack of ignorance and is the price of being Indian.

    • indianworkingwoman said,

      Thank you and welcome to my blog!

      I agree ‘ignorance’ is a factor partly, but why ignorance is there? Like Apu said, they lack proper training – so shoddy education system.

      And there are other factors too, like they need enough salary to feel satisfied and not being easily bribed…

      and we can make a list, but what you said is one of the factors too.

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