Does it represent Indian National Dress?

August 26, 2009 at 11:20 pm (Uncategorized)

I am back from vacation. Nice trip to Canada. Hate to get back to grind…for the first time i have this feeling. When people used to say so, i never understood the feeling. It is totally a different subject, anyways….

I was browsing news. I like .

I tend to go to due to natural affection I have for my country. And this is what I found

Do you really see that as our national costume? And what should be our national costume? Sari? May be…then what is they way to wear – Maharshtrian way, Gujarati way, bengali way…? Or Ghaghra choli…or salwar kurta….? It is a big question…..what is our national costume. As correctly mentioned by Gandhiji….unity in diversity….we have diversity in dresses too. So why the desginer adopted this pattern of Gaghra-Choli? I do not question selection of Ghaghara choli vs. Sari vs Salwar Kurta. I question the print and pattern. Blouse does not represent ‘indian’. Not becuase it is revealing. I do not have any issue with it. It feels more like design taken from westenr style evening gowns and not from our style of blouses. We do have revealign blouses in tribes, pattern could have been adopted from there. And the print on Ghaghara…..I do not see it speaking out loud …”this is Indian”. The entire dress may look indianized but not indian. When wore together, we can call it is Ghaghra choli but individual part of it, when seen individually, it does not speak ‘indian’. For example….fabric print on Ghaghara…leaving our peacock, flowers etc print out, why adopt such an ‘abstract art’?

I will keep this sort….not disucss much upfront and wil wait for comments. But am I just being ignorant (not knowing much about all the cultures in India) or speaking the truth…? What is your take?

PS: no doubts that Ekta does look stunning… 🙂



  1. Ketan said,

    Hello, ma’am do you remember we did have some discussion about preservation of Indian culture? And, I’d referred you to my responses to Kajal’s (Cilla’s) comments on this (click) page? 🙂

    But more important than whether that saree the contestant is wearing is Indian or not, it looks totally crass. The aesthetics is totally missing.

    Also, as you’ll dissect deeper and deeper, you’ll realize there’s no single ‘Indian’ culture. Or singular culture of any country for that matter ‘cuz culture (of any country constantly evolves!).

    When you say, the “quintessential Bollywood song”, is it ‘pyaar kiya toh darna kya’ from Mughal-E-Aazam or ‘Emotional atyachar’ from Dev D?

    That’s why I’ve never liked the sanctimony we bestow upon the concept of preservation of culture.


  2. Smitha said,

    Hopped over from your comment at my blog 🙂

    Well, about the attire, the skirt’s pattern – I actually felt was quite vibrantly Indian- but that’s just my perception 🙂 You are certainly not being ignorant.. I think India is so diverse that each of us have a different perception of it? Don’t you think?

    • indianworkingwoman said,

      Hi Smitha,

      Welcome, yes everybody has their own opinion. By ‘ignorant’ i did mean the same….may be some part of India has a culture where this ‘ghaghra’ print might be very traditional and may be i just do not know about it…. 🙂

  3. Pal said,

    Hopped over from Smitha’s blog 🙂
    Completely agree with you, in that, this is hardly representative of our national costume. And it does not reflect anything Indian, except being remotely connected to the ‘sari’! I wish people had more sense. nice post!

  4. Indian Homemaker said,

    I thought the ghaghra looks Indian… and the dupatta too. Blouse is western style, but the fabric and work looks Indian, but the overall look is Indian.

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