Game of words

July 17, 2009 at 6:38 pm (Bollywood Unlimited)

Really, it is not a word-game, but actually it is game of words when it comes to writing lyrics for Bollywood movies.

Here I would like to discuss some words which are unheard of – rarely in use and yet end up hearing them in some songs….then we wonder whatever they mean?

Lutf kya uski ashiqui main hai? –> what does lutf mean – enjoyment

(song from Gajini: Lattu, Lattu

(remember : Luft is Sanskrit word and has totally different meaning – air, same in German too.  Lufthansa – can be Sanskrit or German word – mean air-bird… 🙂

Akl-o-hosh nami danam – who needs now ‘akkal’ or ‘hosh’. intellignece – brain or consiousness does not matter any more

(Om Shanti OM: Diwangi Diwangi )

I will add more as I come across, share your list…


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